Tuesday, November 13, 2012

where I was from

Ensemble 1 - Where I Was From, this amazing vintage store with classic, menswear inspired items and incredible finds, I've got my eye on the perfect simple skirt and the max mara overcoat

Winter should be like this. Cold that is white and fresh and clean - snow falling on cedars - and messy hair that smells like the ashes of a dying fire, and big sweater and denim jackets underneath overcoats and puffer jackets. It's a cold that bites, a cold that hits the face and the fingers and the toes, a cold that seems to be so, well, American. It's a cold for tartan, and quilting, and suede fringing, and wide-brim hats. It's a cold for blackened corn on the cob and meat that has been roasting all day. It's a cold that I love.


Sarah Dee said...

I love how you wax poetically about winter. I'm experiencing a Minnesotan winter right now and am less than enthusiastic about it. Thank you for attempting to make me see the romance in it.

xoxo missdottidee.blogspot.com

Martina said...

I found a similar Max Mara camel coat in an op shop in Melbourne some time ago, fell in love but diligently decided to let go since it didn't seem very practical for the impending Australian summer. Now it looks like I'll be moving back to Scandinavia in a few months... Regrets, regrets!

Joy said...

really captures the mood well for winter. great post for those in the northern hemisphere! :D

Jane Lee said...

I love winter. But it's some problem also. All makeup don't match in this season. mac brush set and bobbi brown is the perfect for winter.